Gabrielle Gura-Gold is an artist. She’s a mother, a wife, a painter, a teacher, a daughter, a student, and she is a potter. By high school she had lived in 8 cities, each influencing her and nourishing her appetite for the art world. After graduating from Rutgers University she spent time in New York and New Jersey before settling in a charming suburb outside of Boston with her husband and two daughters. In 2004 she received her masters in Art Education from Framingham State University.

She spends her days enriching our next generation’s artists as an art teacher. She spends her nights with her family, friends, and Tibetan Terrier, Theodore. If you can’t find her, she’s probably humming to James Taylor and buried in thick layers of clay, glaze, and swirling ideas for her next piece. Influenced by nature, her work reflects her love of the outdoors and beauty found in the every day.

Gabrielle Gura-Gold is a potter.